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Welcome to Seismic Switch, the leading provider of Seismic Switches for 50 years. We provide earthquake safety equipment primarily for the elevator industry, but also for other industrial applications.

We are pleased to announce the CHV-2 now offers selectable levels.  We've sold over 25,000 CHV-2 Seismic Switches since they were first introduced in 2008. Now you can help protect your passengers and elevators. Seismic Switch units can disable or deactivate any elevators which may become life endangering or self destructive during an earthquake. Based on our patented CHV-1 Seismic Switch, our proven units are designed to reliably respond to only earthquake motions and to reject interference or false triggering from man made and non-earthquake motions. We invite you learn more about our unique company and look forward to hearing from you to see how we can be of service!


Our Story

Seismic Switch, Inc. is a 2nd generation family-owned and operated business.

Chief designer Larry Miller invented the industry standard and patented CHV-1 Seismic Switch and developed the CHV-2. We have been in business for 50 years and offer unparalleled products and customer service. We offer lifetime technical support and maintenance for all of our products. We pride ourselves on manufacturing our products in the United States.




Leah is the President and has been with the company for over twenty years. She holds a BA from UCLA and received her MBA from the University of San Francisco after serving in the Peace Corps. She is active in the community, serving on the board for the Marinwood Community Services District and is the mother of two burgeoning leaders. Leah is a member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. She enjoys practicing yoga and meditation. 

New Location!

New Location!

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San Rafael quake safety firm moves downtown - Marin IJ

Increasingly, women are taking active leadership roles, especially in family-owned businesses. Leah Green, CEO of Seismic Switch Inc., is one of those women. For 45 years this San Rafael company, with three employees, has provided earthquake safety equipment for the elevator industry, as well as for other industrial applications. Its patented units are designed to disable or deactivate any elevator that could self-destruct or endanger lives during an earthquake...
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The Next Generation

Keeping passengers safe, big and small alike.

We're already grooming the 3rd generation of the family business. Meet our newest team members.

Leah's daughters getting a taste of the family business.

Our Commitment

We create the world's most reliable earthquake motion detectors to ensure the safety of your passengers.


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